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The Pimp Bootie Move

March 7, 2016

Pimp Booty StretchThe Pimp Bootie Move – The ultimate in relieving lower back, hip and leg pain!

Did you say “The Pimp Bootie Move?” Yes, you read that right. This move was affectionately coined the Pimp Bootie Move by our very own massage manager, Grace Hunter (more on Grace a little later), because it is a massage technique that helps to relieve and control the toughest bouts of chronic back pain, unrelenting sciatic pain, and annoying hip pain. It was so awesome that, well, it became known as “The Pimp Bootie Move”.

Gluteal Release

What is it?

The “Pimp Bootie Move” is a combination of deep tissue and acupressure techniques that addresses the muscles in the lower back, hip, abdominals, gluteal muscles, i.e. bootie muscle group, the IT track, quads, hamstrings, and the anterior/front of the calf, all the way to the bottom of the feet. This four phase technique is very effective in alleviating muscle tension to the entire lower body.

Why it works?

Most of us develop lower back and lower extremity pain over a period of time, which makes the origin of this pain difficult to find. Over time, we adjust our bodies and compensate for our pain and that causes us to become imbalanced. This technique addresses so many different muscles with a powerful combination of stretching, kneading, compression, and pressure points, to both stimulate the muscles that have atrophied and to relax the muscles that have over-spasmed. This can provide the much needed relief of chronic and acute pain that many have been searching for.

How to do it?

Below is a summary of the 4 phases. Click here to see the step-by-step explanation of the Pimp Bootie Move. If any of you are massage therapists, please try this on your clients/patients and let us know what you think!

Stretch QLPhase I: Stretching the QL and the Iliopsoas

This first phase helps to warm-up and soften the tissues to create a release of tension allowing the muscles to lengthen.

Pimp Booty StretchPhase II: The Pimp Bootie Stretch

The second phase is a combination of stretching and compression that addresses all the gluteus/bootie muscles.

Pimp Booty MovePhase III: The Pimp Bootie Move

The move of all moves! Here the muscle tissue of the booty is pulled away to promote the movement of oxygen and lymph. This constant manner of contact warms and softens the bootie muscles, and the six smaller, deeper muscles that laterally rotate the hip, releasing tension and creating a more spacious environment allowing the bootie muscles and hip to open.

Booty BreadPhase IV:   Bootie Bread

This is the final stage of the “Pimp Bootie Move.” The making of bootie bread is by using the heels of both hands and compressing, the bootie in four directions in a rhythmic fashion likened to kneading dough.

What do you think? Would you or wouldn’t you want to try The Pimp Bootie Move?

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