Mango Revive Mask – DIY

May 24, 2016

MangoReviveMaskIngredientsAs a spa, it would seem that we’d only like for you to purchase the products that we sell. But that’s not exactly the case. Our main goal is to help each of you connect with nature and find your own path to health, wellness, and beauty. Pre-made products are definitely more convenient, and you can rest assured that our spa treatments use only the best, natural, non-toxic, and chemical free products. Most of the products we use are organic and non-GMO, when available. That said, we also try to find ways to incorporate fresh ingredients too, which we feel is the best way to connect with nature.

There isn’t a better way that we know of to appreciate the serene mind-body healing than to create healing and nourishing therapies in your home. We are so excited about our DIY Home Spa series and to share some of our DIY masks and show you how to transform fresh foods into natural treatments. So, when you can find some extra time at home, we encourage you to create your own personal spa retreat and indulge in making some special whole food treatments using only the freshest, organic, non-GMO ingredients.


Today, we’d like to share the DIY Mango Revive Mask. This simple mask consists of only 3 ingredients, but the effects are immediate. The mask will leave your skin tingling, super soft and hydrated.  Mangoes contain anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, which help with both anti-aging and sun repair. Mixed with honey, which is hydrating, and lemon, which is exfoliating and helps to fade dark spots this mask will leave your skin glowing!


Leon Mango Mask



  • 1/2 cup mango
  • 2 tbs of honey
  • 1 tbs lemon


  1. Cleanse Face.
  2. Blend the three ingredients together in a blender or mash together.
  3. Apply a thin layer of the mask to clean face and massage in with fingers so that the lemon juice can lift dead skin cells.
  4. The mask will begin to dry and keep it on your face for up to 20 minutes*.
  5. Wash mask off with warm water.
  6. Apply moisturizer and sun screen (if going out into the sun).

*Note: For sensitive skin, check your skin remove the mask if the lemon gets too warm on the face.

Hope you have as much fun with the mask as we did!

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