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January 1, 2016

Jumpstart January

2016 Smoothie

Are you ready for joining us on the path to #getwillowized?

While we love indulging with our friends and family during the holidays, in January, we encourage you to take a little “me” time.

Start off the new year with a Willow Enzyme Bath and sweat it out! What better way to boost your detox program then the Willow Enzyme Bath? If you can’t take the heat, don’t worry, we have other great options to boost your detox like the Thai Herbal Escape or Detox Massage.

Don’t stop there! The Detox facial is an intense treatment that will work to pull out stagnant toxins from your skin that sallow appearance. This facial is not for the faint of heart, as you will get very red for about an hour! However, the results are amazing and you end up with glowing, hydrated, baby soft skin!

At Willow Spa, we work from the inside out as well! Join us on a 30 day green smoothie challenge and if you feel inspired, add the Willow Detox program as a double whammy!

  • For 30 days, starting Jan 1st-Jan 30th, drink 1 green smoothie a day.
  • Starting Jan 13th-Jan27th, add the PaleoCleanse Plus to the green smoothies and use these smoothies as 2 meal replacements and follow a Clean Diet.

This is the BEST year ever! This is MY year! Repeat Daily and #getwillowized!

Instagram contest

We have a little bonus for you this month! If you love instagram and the idea of winning a prize, this contest is for you! In January, if you get any detox treatment at Willow Spa, just snap a photo at the spa, #getwillowized and #jumpstartjanuary and we will enter you in a raffle where we will choose 1 person at random every week to win a free treatment.

If you don’t live near Willow Spa, we have more ways to enter and win! Join us on the 30 day green smoothie challenge and post your smoothie and what you put into it with #getwillowized and #jumpstartjanuary and we will enter you in a raffle where we will choose 1 winner per week to win a #getwillowized t-shirt or #getwillowized tote.

The Rules:

Make sure to follow us on Instagram @willowsantamonica

Upload your image to Instagram

Caption or comment on the photo: #getwillowized, #jumpstartjanuary and @willowsantamonica

Share your image on Instagram

Good Luck!


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