Summer Detox

July 14, 2015

SmoothieBowl copyEarlier this year, we started a 100 Days of Clean Eating with a plan to do a full detox in April. Well, April came and went, as did May, June, and here we are in July! Oh, and did I mention that our 100 days of clean eating ended in about April too?

So what happened? Well, basically, life happened and it can be very difficult to detox with a cluttered life. A week ago, we decided that it was time and we are in the midst of our Willow Detox. It feels so good to have jumped in and started detoxing. Everyone is different, but I (Jill) find that it’s easier to follow clean eating and 2 detox smoothies a day than it is to detox the clutter in my life. However, visiting Legoland and trying to find something healthy to eat was a huge challenge. Luckily, I had healthy snacks and my detox smoothie, but I was really wanting a healthy meal! Coco, feels that one of her biggest challenges is committing to the start date of the detox. We talked about it and she feels reluctant to start if she’s not completely prepared with planned meals and all the ingredients in place because and after all, it is a process to do the grocery shopping and then the time to cook the meals. But she realizes one day into the detox that she’ll never be prepared as much as she wants to be. So she’ll just do it and take it as it goes, as long as she has some staples to get by. And it always ends up working out.

We both agree that the buddy system works the best when on a detox. In fact, we have recruited a few more of our friends in hopes of keeping each other motivated. We just group text photos of our food during the detox. In addition, we group text when we are faced with challenges and the others can text back motivation. Not everyone has the benefit of convincing their partner to detox, so the buddy system acts as the much needed support when the rest of the family is indulging.

Over the next few days, we plan to offer some detox tips and Instagram some of our healthy meals too. We hope some of our ideas inspire you on your next detox. If you are detoxing too, we’d love to see your ideas. #willowdetox on Instagram or email us at

Happy Detoxing!




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