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Kissable Lips

February 3, 2015

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner we wanted to talk about how to get beautiful, soft and kissable lips. It turns out that most people aren’t born with soft, subtly pink lips. And, like most things, it does take some extra effort. However, the steps are simple and the results are gratifying.

Citrus ExfoliatorExfoliate: It is important to exfoliate the dry skin from your lips. Exfoliation with natural products containing glycolic acid, such as Sugar or Pineapple is very effective. One popular DIY technique is to take a soft toothbrush and exfoliate with warm water and a mixture of sugar, coconut oil and honey. We’ve tried this and it works great!

Lip Trio 1

If you are not into the DIY techniques. Eminence Organics makes a great lip trio that includes an effective, natural and organic lip exfoliator! It is so gentle and works immediately after applying it. The Citrus Enzyme Lip Exfoliator contains orange, lemon, pineapple and ground walnut. Like many fruits and vegetables, pineapple can be just as nourishing on the body as in the body. The high vitamin C, bromelian enzyme and glycolic acid contents of pineapple juice make it an effective way to slough away dead skin. thereby softening the skin. By removing dead skin from the lips, the appearance of fine lines will disappear too…a plus!

Some other tips for soft, smooth lips:

Stay Hydrated: If your body is dehydrated, your lips will become dry and chapped. Increasing your water intake by just one glass a day can show results!

No Biting or Licking: Biting and licking your lips can cause a lot of damage especially if done repeatedly, so try to avoid both.

Avoid Petroleum Based Products: Many lip balms contain petroleum jelly or Vaseline, which does protect your lips from the elements, but since it doesn’t allow your lips to breathe, they will become drier.

Protect: Never leave without protecting your lips from the elements such as sun, wind, dust and dry air. Natural and organic lip balms containing bees wax, shea butter, or rich oils like avocado or coconut oils will leave your lips feeling very soft.

Follow these steps and your lips will be softer and smoother than ever before…just in time for Valentine’s Day!




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