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Small Screen Debut for Willow Spa

August 14, 2014

Commercial Stil 1

You know that feeling that you wish for something to happen and then it actually does? Well, this is one of those times. As many of you know, running a small business can be both rewarding and frustrating at the same time! There never seems to be enough time or money to execute all of the ideas that we have. After all of these years, we’ve both realized that things will happen when they are ready to occur, and being impatient doesn’t seem to help. So, this brings me to our first commercial. For years, we’ve wanted to broaden our advertising scope into various types of media. Television always seemed a little out of reach, but we did contemplate a few advertising offers that would include television. It just never seemed quite right and we weren’t sure if putting so much money into one medium would actually pay off.

And then…earlier this year, we were approached by American Distribution Media to be part of a research assignment. The assignment was to see how effective commercials are for local businesses during prime time (6 pm – 9pm) on cable networks. For this assignment, we were given free airtime on a cable network where we could run a 30 second commercial 20 times for 1 week during primetime hours (6-9pm).


Production and airtime would be paid by AMD, but we had to supply them with images or video. We had fun shooting the images for our commercial. As with many things at Willow Spa, it took participation from our family to get it done. Our commercial played on MSNBC and Lifetime over the course of 7 days. We’re not sure if anyone caught a glimpse of us, but we sure got a kick out of seeing ourselves on the small screen!


Here is a link to our commercial which now resides on You Tube.

Thank you to: Damon Reeves, Joi Charron, Chris Reeves, and Jamison Reeves.



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