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Crystal Healing – a day with Sat Devbir Singh (Part I)

July 27, 2014


We at Willow Spa are always interested in exploring new alternative healing methods.  However, we also enjoy revisiting ancient healing therapies, like crystal healing, as well. Recently we had the pleasure of spending some time with Sat Devbir Singh, a healer and yogi, who taught us about the healing properties of crystals.


Crystals are gemstones that are created from minerals deep inside the Earth and are not only beautiful, but help to create balance and clarity through their vibrational energy. Each crystal has its own unique healing property and has the ability to transform the body.


Our session with Sat Devbir Singh was both informative and grounding. He has such a vast knowledge of the healing, history and science of crystals. However, it wasn’t just an educational session, but also a healing session that helped us see the strengths and weaknesses in ourselves.

Crystal2To some, crystal therapy may seem a bit “out there” and hard to understand because energy is not something tangible or measurable. It takes a little bit of faith and an open mind to the idea of transforming your energy. On a scientific level, we learned that every particle of matter vibrates and this vibration effects every object it encounters. On a spiritual level, the Universe is the manifestation of these vibrations.  With crystal healing, the idea is to utilize the vibrational energy of crystals to affect and change the vibrational energy of the molecules around them, thereby affecting and changing the energy of a person.



Our time with Sat Devbir Singh went by so fast and we didn’t want it to end. Luckily, we have already planned to have 2 more sessions with him.


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