Detox Willow

14 Days of Detox

January 27, 2014







Willow Enzyme Bath

Thai Herbal Poultice

Detox Bath SaltIt seems like we just rang in the New Year, and now, January is almost over! Our 3 weeks of clean eating, which included 2 weeks of detox shakes, has just ended as well. So far it’s a good start to 2014 and we thought we’d share some of our favorite parts of the detox.

  1. Lemon water with cayenne:  Starting each day with this drink really does get your body going.
  2. Paleo Shakes:  These shakes make life so simple.  Even after the detox has ended, we both have continued to substitute these yummy shakes for meals.  It’s so much healthier than skipping a meal altogether!
  3. Homemade Avocado Hummus:  Hummus was one of our favorite snacks on the detox.
  4. Willow Enzyme Bath
  5. Detox Massage with Thai Herbal Poultice
  6. Bath salts with detox essential oils:  Unwinding at the end of the day with a bath is so relaxing.




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