Detox Goals

Ready, Set, Cleanse!

January 18, 2014

It’s that time of year again! We’ve been encouraging an annual cleanse at Willow Spa for about 6 years and it’s still a challenge!  This year our detox program has a new and improved enzyme supplement that helps to digest liquid protein better (ahem…less gas!).  Since, the last part of 2013 was particularly stressful and busy we ate on the run and had lots of coffee to keep going.  We both eased into our detox with a full week of clean eating, which is recommended so you don’t jolt your system too much.  The key to a successful cleanse is planning because if there are healthy choices readily available clean eating is much easier.  One of our goals for 2014 was to get more sleep so starting off with a cleanse forced us to give our bodies the rest that it needed to be prepared for the rest of the year.


About 1 week into our cleanse, we sat down to talk about our detox and how it was going  It sounds odd, but it’s something we never really have done before. However, since we offered a detox challenge to our Willow Spa clients it seemed fair that we should share our detox goals and outcome as well.



Q: What is the most difficult food/drink to give up on the detox?

C: Coffee and a little sweet indulgence now and then like dark chocolate. I don’t know which is more difficult to give up. Even a little sip or a little nibble is just so satisfying. But I guess it would be coffee because that’s a daily ritual to help me conquer the day.

J: For me, it’s definitely coffee!  Coffee is habitual and comforting and although it has caffeine, it helps me relax somehow.



Q: Have you done the detox before?

C: Yes, I have. This is my 4th detox. I find it quite interesting how different I feel during the detox each time I do it. I contribute it most to the variation of toxicity whether its stress or food or the combination of during the few months right before starting the detox. So this current detox, I must have been pretty toxic because the worst symptoms hit day 2 and 3 for me and didn’t subside until day 4. WOW! Glad that’s over.

J:  I’ve done the detox 5 times and this will be my 6th time.  This year I was really looking forward to the cleanse.  I caught a bad cold just as my clean eating began so all I ate was a detox veggie soup for the first 3 days. Being sick and withdrawing from coffee at the same time was helpful because I didn’t know which was causing me to feel so tired.


Q. What are your goals for this detox?

C: Well, for one thing I like to give my body the break and rest it needs to sort of re-fuel to sustain the other 351 days. And #2 make new food/drinks that are detox approved and still full of flavor that could even tempt my hubby to try a bite. Now wouldn’t that be awesome!! Finally, if the pounds come off naturally with the detox that’s an added bonus and a great detox!

J: In general I like to think that I eat healthy, but the busier I got, the more I made excuses to eat out.  I was eating way more carbs than I should have been.  Also, I haven’t been getting regular exercise either so I’ve been feeling like a blob.  So my goals are to lose about 5 lbs and find the motivation to get regular exercise.


Q. Overall, what is your detox challenge?

C: One of my challenges that I’ve now grown to live with is that I will be the solo detox-er in my household.  I know the pickiest eater there is and nope, it’s not my little sweets, it’s the hubby.  So hubby and little sweets have their own agenda for all their meals during these 14 days that I detox.  The other challenge is the temptation to cook every new recipe that looks so delish, but have no time for. So then I resort back to what’s easiest to grab or make and then I have a boring detox. But not this time; this one I’m doing differently and planning better so I can experiment with new recipes to add more variety.

J: My challenge is to not overspend during the detox.  I tend to want to try all of these new recipes that have ingredients I’ve never heard of before and then I buy way too much stuff for more recipes than there are meals. Lol!


Q. What is the best part of the detox?

C: The noticeable difference I feel after getting over the 1st couple days. After the first couple days where you feel literally bleh, it passes and then you have this complete turnaround feeling that’s hard to describe. It’s a boost of renewed fresh energy and you feel like you can keep going and going and going without feeling an ounce of fatigue.

J: The detox reminds me of how good it feels to eat clean and creates good habits that I can usually stick to for a few months after the detox is over.  My diet won’t remain so extreme, but it will remain about 70% clean for a few months.



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