Clean Food Shopping

January 15, 2014

Getting ready to start a clean food diet is always more fun when shopping with a friend.  Coco and I headed over to the Santa Monica Co-Op to find some healthy, clean food and share ideas.  This is our 5th year of embarking on a detox and clean food diet and every year, we try to find new recipes.  The fresh produce is always inspiring!





Yum!  Gotta stock up on some nut butters! We chose almond butter (plain) for the detox and Justin’s nut butters are also nice because they are made in a peanut-free facility.





Everyone seems to know the benefits of coconut oil by now.  Dr. Bonner’s Magic “All-One” Coconut Oil is organic, fair trade and contains bits of the whole kernel (brown skin) that gives it a high mineral content and a better taste than many other coconut oils.

dressing copy

 Fermented salad dressing that doesn’t contain any oil!  We gotta try this!


 The Co-Op in Santa Monica is part of the Buy Local campaign, which supports local businesses.  Not only does buying locally help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, but it helps to nurture the community you live in.

CoOpHappy clean eating!



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